Vertex Alma Gauge

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  • High accuracy
  • Better and more rapid communication between the dentist and the dental laboratory
  • Time-saving
  • Simple to use

The Vertex™ Alma Gauge is an accurate measuring instrument designed to assist the dentist and the dental laboratory in the production and rebasing of full and partial dentures. The Vertex Alma Gauge accurately records the bite height and the position of the elements in the existing denture. The sleeves provide protection and serve as a means of communication between the dental laboratory and the dentist.

The Alma Gauge is a measuring instrument for recording the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the denture to be replaced. Recording these dimensions enables bite registering equipment for the new denture to be produced very efficiently. The dimensions of the existing denture are recorded by the dentist on the Alma Gauge sleeve using a water-resistant fine liner. When the dental technician places the sleeve sent to him on his own Alma Gauge he is able to produce the bite recording equipment in accordance with the specified values. Because the registration plate is sized correctly, the dentist merely has to check it and make any minor adjustments. Use of the Alma Gauge saves the dentist chair time during the registration consultation. The sleeve has three functions: information carrier, protection and hygienic aid. Using the Alma Gauge it is also simple to indicate to what extent the bite has to be raised in the case of relining/ rebasing of existing dentures.


  • The Alma Gauge set contains the Alma Gauge itself, 25 sleeves and a marker.
  • Alma Gauge transfer sleeve set: (50pcs)

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Vertex Alma Gauge

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