Vertex™ ThermoSens Catridge

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New monomer-free rigid denture base material

- Low allergy risk
- Repairs are possible
- Available in 10 colours
- Easy and quick to polish
- Good humidity resistance
- Rebasing & relining possibleAvailable in rigid and flexible
-Available Shade:T03,T10,TCL,TTRV,TS
-Available Length:22mm,25mm
-Available Size:Medium,Large, Extra Large
-Also available for filling cartridges.Empty cartidges are available
-Empty Cartridges 22mm(100pcs) size:Medium,Large, Extra Large
-Empty Cartridges 25mm(100pcs) size:Medium,Large, Extra Large
-Repairs are possible 
-Bonding between ThermoSens and PMMA  with the aid Fusing Liquid 
-High Impact poly amide injection material
-Excellent fitting due to minimized shrinkage
-For complete and partial dentures

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Vertex™ ThermoSens Catridge

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